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Demolition & Dismantling

We have a passion for dismantling engineering

We believe the careful and selective piecemeal reduction of a structure or bulding, whatever the structure, is an art practised by only the most experienced of contractors. Wring is one such contractor, with the skills and experience to undertake even the most complex of contracts, demanding a high degree of planning and implementation.

We are committed to making sure that we meet the standards set within BS EN ISO 14001: 2002, using dismantling techniques which enhance the salvaging of materials.

From terraced housing and multi-storey buildings in busy city centre locations to premises with serious contamination issues, we undertake it all with the same precise and professional approach.

We’ve demolished or dismantled:

  • Factories and warehouses
  • Shopping malls and city centre complexes
  • Tower blocks and multi-storeys
  • Railway sidings and stations
  • Schools and hospitals
  • Steel and gas works
  • Bridges and docks
  • Power stations

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